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The stolen name is more profit ?

Hello, folks.
Here is people kick ass to the chameleon from the sacrarium.

I think you have something to think about, and what can be added. I am sure you would not be very pleased if the name of your brainchild is used against your will by strangers.
For example, it is quite possible to expect some kind of “website” created by the administrators of the sacrarium in the constructor called “opensimworld dot net”. Believe me, they are capable of this.

The practice of appropriating someone else's names is in the blood of two admins of this home grid. Most likely, this is the only way that comes to their mind to spin all three of their hard drives inside a personal computer with the loud name "sacrarium".

On my own, I want to add, in addition to naming, one of the administrators violates the version control of the server "Opensimulator", calling his crippled home a…

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