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ANOTHER ONE sacrarium freak LIE

Do you still love Kazakh pedophile and drug dealer? I have news for you. More precisely, this is no longer news, but another evidence of how this rat is trying to dodge and unprincipled to lie to all its users and people in the community.

While I was in Second Life and playing my DJ set, the rat most likely turned off his region and wrote the following: "In connection with a massive DDoS attack, Sacrarium grid is leaving for unscheduled maintenance. All this time, the grid You can learn about the current status of server works from this news feed or from our social media. For the duration of the work, any user requests, complains and letters will be ignored. We are working hard to stabilize the situation Thank you for your attention!
"(This is a quote with the spelling of the author).

In other words, the rat misleads its paid users and blatantly slanders my surroundings.
He is brazenly lying about that "attacks were committed on his server." I personally monitor ea…

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