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Again? They seem to be bored without us.

Once again, I heard rumors about the looseness of the language of a certain outrageous idiot. I read his comments in OSW (again, Satyr !?) , full of lies. It is worth noting that this is his usual style, this is all that he is capable of. Racist rhetoric is the norm for the owner of the Sacrarium network. He writes that "Sam Adama was kicked out of the sacrarium." This is not true. I left myself because I found it impossible to be in this racist, Nazi and hateful community any longer. I am tired of watching members of this network spread false rumors about my friends, sowing discord and hatred in the Metaverse. I was tired of the dirty rumors spreading about me personally behind my back. The owner of the sacrarium personally asked me to stay on his grid, since Caprica brought him popularity, our actions brought positive characteristics to his network. We are tired of being in this mud. At the time of my departure from this loggov we already had a revived own grid called "

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